A Brazilian services worker died on Sunday after falling off of a Petrobras platform.

According to Offshore Engineer, Victor Geraldo Brito died after a 39 foot fall off of the Cherne-2 platform (PCH-2).

Brito, 29, reportedly worked for RIP Industrial Services, OE said.

PCH-2 platform produces 72,000 barrels of oil per day from the Cherne, Congro and Malhado fields.

The accident is being investigated.

“The union condemns the job insecurity that has led to hundreds of deaths, mutilations and illnesses in the Campos Basin in recent years,” oil worker union Sinipetro-NF said in a statement seen by Offshore Engineer.

Brazil’s interim president Michel Temer appointed Pedro Parente as Petrobras’ new CEO on Monday.

According to Reuters, the appointment marks Parente’s return to Petrobras after leaving the company 14 years ago.

State-owned Petrobras posted a $9.4 billion fourth quarter net loss in March after taking more than $10 billion in impairments.

The company booked a consolidated fourth quarter net loss attributable to shareholders of $9.42 billion, down slightly from a $9.72 billion net loss in the previous year quarter.


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