Image courtesy of Fleur de Lis Energy.

Work crews in Wyoming are still hunting for the source of a leak believed to be near one of the state’s oldest oil fields a week after the leak was detected.

According to the Casper Star Tribune, Fleur de Lis Energy had deployed two workover rigs to the Salt Creek field to help pinpoint and repair a leak.

Another two rigs will be deployed in the coming days.

The leak was detected last week after staff at the nearby Midwest School noticed an odor.

Officials detected trace amounts of methane and carbon dioxide but said there is no threat to human health.

According to K2 Radio, the leak was discoverer on Wednesday and forced the school to close on Thursday.

Natrona County School District told K2 Radio that classes will be held at the former North Casper Elementary School for the remainder of the academic year.

Wyoming Oil and Gas supervisor Mark Watson told the Casper Star Tribune that crews are currently searching for pressure buildups in plugged wells near the school.

Fleur de Lis Energy operates the Salt Creek field, the seventh largest single-operated oilfield in the contiguous United States.

The field was discovered in 1908 and accounts for more than 20 percent of Wyoming’s cumulative oil production.


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