Image courtesy of Industri Energi

Norwegian trade unions said Monday that around 755 workers on seven oil and gas fields could go on strike if a new wage deal is not met before the Friday deadline.

According to Norwegian employers, a plunge in oil prices since 2014 must be accompanied by cost cuts and flexible work practices if the industry hopes to stay competitive globally.

Unions insist that members are due pay increases that match other industries.

The union Industri Energi said it would remove 524 members if the talks break down.

The strike would start Saturday. It would affect the Statoil-operated Oseberg, Gullfaks, and Kvitebjoern fields.

According to Reuters, those account for almost 18 percent of Norway’s oil output, and 17 percent of its natural gas.

Combined oil output was about 285,000 bpd in the first four months of 2016.

The fields had 48.5 million cubic metres (mcm) per day of natural gas output.


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