ExxonMobil is reportedly facing a probe in Nigeria related to its 2009 acquisition of oil lease rights for some of the country’s largest fields.

According to documents seen by the Guardian, the Nigerian government is looking into a $1.5 billion bid that won Exxon the lease rights to the Oso, Ekpe, Edop and Ubit oil fields.

Documents provided to the Guardian reportedly show that Exxon won the 20 year lease rights despite its bid being $2.5 billion less than one offered by a consortium of Nigerian and Chinese firms.

Sunrise Power & Transmission, a consortium that included China’s CNOOC at the time of the bid, reportedly sent a letter about Exxon’s winning bid to Nigeria’s president.

Global Witness, an international corruption watchdog, told the Guardian that it has confirmed that Nigeria’s Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is investigating the matter.

The EFCC told the Guardian it could not confirm if an investigation is taking place.

It is currently unclear what, if any, alleged wrongdoing is being investigated.

Exxon has not commented on the report yet.

ExxonMobil has three affiliates operating in Nigeria: Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited– Upstream, Esso Exploration and Production Nigeria Ltd.–Upstream and Mobil Oil Nigeria– Downstream.


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