The Torrance Refinery. Image courtesy of ExxonMobil.

Three workers were injured on Monday after a crane collapsed at a Southern California refinery.

According to the L.A. Times, three contract workers suffered minor injuries after a 300-ton crane collapsed at ExxonMobil’s Torrance refinery site.

Fire officials told the paper that the crane was moving debris when it suddenly collapsed.

Exxon agreed in October to sell the refinery, along with several other assets, to PBF Energy for $537.5 million.

The sales process requires that the refinery conduct normal operations for 15 consecutive days, a time frame that could be impacted by the incident, Reuters said.

PBF Energy told Reuters that it is working with Exxon “to understand the impact of today’s incident on refinery operations.”

An Exxon spokesperson told the L.A. Times that the company is cooperating with officials and working to determine the cause of the incident.

The 155,000 barrel per day Torrance Refinery was the site of a deadly 2015 blast.

The explosion ripped through the refinery on Feburary 19, killing four workers and shattering the windows of nearby buildings.

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health ordered Exxon to pay $566,600 in fines last August for violations tied to the blast.


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