Image courtesy of Chevron.

Chevron is reportedly preparing to resume production at the Gorgon LNG plant about three weeks after a leak was detected.

A company spokesperson told Reuters that start-up activities at the Western Australia facility are now underway.

Chevron has not disclosed when it plans to restart activities at the facility.

Production at the Gorgon export facility was halted on July 1 after a leak was detected.

No injuries or environmental impacts have been reported.

Chevron Australia told Reuters earlier this month that it was working to complete will undertake “some minor repair work on the low pressure flare system at the acid gas removal unit.”

Despite the leak, Chevron was still able to export its second cargo from the facility two days after the leak was discovered.

Shipping data seen by Reuters earlier this month showed that an export cargo was expected to be loaded onto the Asia Excellence between July 9 and July 11.

The tanker is reportedly still anchored near the plant.

The leak marked the second time in four months that production at Gorgon was halted.

Exports from the plant were temporarily halted in April due to mechanical issues with the propane refrigerant circuit on Train 1.

The mechanical issue did not impact construction work on Train 2 and Train 3.

The Gorgon project has a total production capacity of about 2.6 billion cubic feet of natural gas and 20,000 barrels of condensate per day.

The project is operated by Chevron Australia with a 47.3 percent stake.

ExxonMobil holds a 25 percent stake, Shell holds a 25 percent stake, Osaka Gas holds a 1.25 percent stake, Tokyo Gas holds a 1 percent stake and Chubu Electric Power holds a 0.417 percent stake.


  1. Chevron got skills and expertise problems in the field of LNG. It starts with the recruitment and selection of staff process expanding to the corruption of the senior managers of its projects. Also, chevron failed to learn lessons from previous mistakes in small project Angola-Soyo LNG plant which led to bigger failure in its mega projects in Australia.
    So, the issue is not small or big-mega projects as chevron has failed in both.
    Another thing, Chevron got to be honest and transparent when it conducts its operation in countries to utilize their natural resources and share the benefits with the owners of the resources. Shifty and crooks approach to dodge the tax and royalties will lead to failure and curse

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