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Another five arrests have been made in connection with the years-long corruption probe into Petrobras contracts.

According to Reuters, Brazilian federal police served five arrest warrants on Monday and conducted search and seizure operations in three of the country’s states.

Further details about the arrests have not been disclosed.

Police officials allege that contractors paid nearly $12 million in bribes to Petrobras executives and also rigged auctions at Cenpes, a Petrobras research center.

Some of the alleged bribes are believed to have been used to help fund the Workers’ Party, Brazil’s ruling party from 2013 to the middle of 2016.

The former treasure of the Workers’ Party, Paulo Ferreira, was already in police custody for a separate matter when the arrests were made.

According to Reuters, Ferreira may be served with another arrest warrant for his alleged participation in corruption at Petrobras.

The latest round of arrests was the thirty-first round made in connection with the probe, Reuters said.

Brazilian officials first launched their probe, known as Operation Car Wash, into alleged corruption and contract price-fixing at Petrobras in 2014.

Late last month, Brazil’s interim president Michele Temer denied allegations that he received campaign donations tied to the corruption scandal.

Former Petrobras transportation chief Sergio Machado alleged in a plea deal seen by Reuters that Temer requested and received a legal campaign contribution from Queiroz Galvao, a Brazil-based engineering group.

Machado alleged that the donation funds came from kickbacks tied to Petrobras contracts.

Temer has denied any wrongdoing.

The corruption probe has landed several former Petrobras and energy industry executives in jail, including Brazilian billionaire Marcelo Odebrecht.


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