The Niger Delta Avengers have claimed responsibility for explosives attacks against three Chevron manifolds.

The militant group said its strike team “blew up” remote manifold platforms 22, 23 and 24 late Wednesday night.

RMPs are where oil or gas pipelines converge and connect to bigger storage hubs.

Chevron has not confirmed the reported attacks.

No injuries or spills have been reported.

The group also claimed to have blown up Chevron’s Well 10 close to Otunana flowstation on Tuesday.

The group added that it also attacked a Nigerian Petroleum Development Company manifold close to Banta and two PPMC/NNPC crude oil trunk lines on Tuesday.

Chevron has been a frequent target of NDA attacks.

The company’s Okan offshore facility in the Western Niger Delta region was “breached by unknown persons” in May.

The NDA also claimed responsibility for attacks against three Chevron wells in June.

The militant group has claimed that their attacks are designed to help win Niger Delta residents a greater share of the region’s energy revenues.

Late last month, the NDA refuted media reports that it was negotiating a ceasefire with the Nigerian government.


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