Sinopec was forced to halt some natural gas deliveries on Wednesday after a pipeline caught fire in central China and killed two people.

According to Shanghai Daily, two villagers were killed and three others were injured after a pipeline caught fire in the Hubei province.

The pipeline was closed after the accident, the Shanghai Daily said.

The accident forced China’s Sinopec to take 9.8 million cubic meters of natural gas intend for industrial users offline, Reuters said.

Sinopec is coordinating with PetroChina to provide residential users with a 5 million cubic meter emergency gas supply, Reuters added.

In a social media post seen by Bloomberg, Sinopc said that the impacted portion of the Sichuan-East China gas pipeline caught fire after it was hit by a landslide.

SCI International analyst Liu Guangbin told Bloomberg that the pipeline could be back online within two weeks.


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