Image courtesy of RMT.

A group of service workers in the UK North Sea have called for a strike to protest proposed pay cuts.

Unite the union said Monday that nearly 400 members of the Unite and RMT unions working for Wood Group across eight Shell oil and gas platforms in the North Sea will be striking “for the first time in a generation.”

The first 24-hour stoppage will take place on July 26.

The unions said that they expect the action to ” severely disrupt operations” on Shell platforms at the Brent and Central oil and gas fields.

Shell told Reuters that it’s putting contingency arrangements in place to make sure safety at the platforms is not affected by the strike.

The strike is expected to impact the Brent Alpha, Brent Bravo, Brent Charlie, Brent Delta, Nelson, Curlew and Shearwater.

The first stoppage will be followed by a “series of other stoppages over the following weeks,” the unions said.

The action comes about two weeks after talks between the unions and Wood Group fell apart over proposed pay cuts.

Wood Group has proposed a 22 percent pay cut but the unions claim that the pay cut would swell to 30 percent when changes to allowances are factored in.

Wood Group told the Evening Express earlier this month that it has not proposed a 30 percent pay cut.

Union members are also concerned about changes to their work schedules.

The unions said that recent changes have moved workers from a two-week working cycle to a three-week working cycle without a pay increase.

“Strike action by our members is not a decision they take lightly, but they have been pushed to the limit by an employer unwilling to rethink proposals to slash their pay and allowances,” Unite regional officer John Boland said.


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