Image courtesy of Royal Dutch Shell.

A looming strike in the UK North Sea could lead to a work stoppage at Royal Dutch Shell platforms in the Brent field.

According to the Telegraph, Trade unions Unite and RMT will be conducting a ballot Wednesday to vote on a work stoppage across Shell’s Brent platforms in the UK North Sea.

The unions will be balloting 200 of 450 oil workers.

The vote is part of an ongoing negotiation process between union workers and services firm Wood Group.

Shell told the Telegraph that it is monitoring the union situation and hopes services firm Wood Group can resolve the matter.

Last week, talks between union members and Wood Group broke down over proposed wage cuts.

According to the Evening Express, Wood Group is proposing up to a 22 percent pay cut.

However, Unite the union told the paper that, when other reductions are included, the pay cut would grow to 30 percent.

“As part of our commitment to following a fair and transparent consultation we have addressed every significant concern that our employees and the unions have expressed. At no point did this include a 30% pay cut,” Wood Group told the Evening Express.

The maturing Brent field is comprised of four platforms: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta.

Shell’s decommissioning plan for the Delta platform topside was approved last July.

A second decommissioning plan for the rest of the field’s platforms and infrastructure was still being developed as of January.

Production from Brent Delta stopped in December 2011 and production from the Alpha and Bravo platforms stopped in November 2014.

Production from Charlie is expected to stop “within the next few years,” according to Shell’s website.


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