Nearly all of the 36 storage tanks that caught fire at a WPX site in New Mexico earlier this week have been extinguished.

WPX said Thursday that fires have been extinguished at 32 of  temporary storage tanks that caught fire late Monday at an oil production site in San Juan County.

The company said that “small fires remain” at four of the tanks.

“The fire is being allowed to burn itself out as a means for preventing the spread of petroleum products beyond the WPX site,” WPX said.

No injuries or damage to adjacent property have been reported.

All operations at the site remain shut-in.

“This course of action is expected to continue for the foreseeable future until an incident investigation takes place, damaged equipment can be removed, and new equipment can be secured and installed,” WPX said.

WPX has begun a preliminary investigation into the cause of the blaze.

The company has enlisted a third-party firm to assist with ongoing air monitoring and sampling and to help document the data and results.

The EPA is also conducting its own air monitoring and sampling.

WPX is providing lodging to about 10 families who have been temporarily displaced for safety reasons.

The blaze began around WPX 10:15 p.m. mountain time on Monday.

WPX stopped oil wells at the site from pumping on Monday and closed valves to pipes that were transferring oil to the storage tanks.

WPX said on Tuesday that “no drilling activity was taking place at the site prior to the storage tanks catching on fire.”


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