A Transocean drilling rig ran aground in Scotland early Monday after being pushed ashore by gale force winds.

According to Energy Voice, the Transocean Winner was being towed from Norway to Malta when it broke free from a tugboat early and was pushed to shore by severe weather.

The rig ran aground at a beach in Dalmore located in the Carloway area of Scotland.

The U.K. Maritime and Coastguard Agency told Bloomberg that no personnel were on board and the rig is not posing a threat to life.

No environmental impact has been reported.

Transocean told Energy Voice the semi-submersible rig lost its connection with its tow line off the Isle of Lewis and severe weather prevented the line from being reconnected.

The tug boat was still visually monitoring the rig as of Monday morning.

A Transocean spokesperson told Energy Voice that the firm has not been able to gain access to the site yet to assess potential damages.

The company does not yet have a timetable to recover the rig.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency told the BBC that the rig has 280 metric tonnes of diesel and on board and it is monitoring the site for pollution.

According to Transocean, the Transocean Winner is a midwater floater with a 21,495 barrel per day fuel oil storage capacity. 


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