Image courtesy of Patrick Nichols/U.S. Navy.

Crews are working to clean up over 5,000 gallons of oil that spilled from a pipeline on Monday in offshore Louisiana.

The U.S. Coast Guard received a report around 10:00 a.m. on Monday morning that about 5,300 gallons of crude oil leaked from a pipeline owned by Harvest Pipeline Company.

The leak occurred near Bay Long, Louisiana.

The release began after the line was struck by a Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company vessel that was conducting excavation operations.

The damaged pipeline was isolated and response crews are determining the best way to remove the remaining product from the line.

Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company has contracted ECM Maritime Service to manage the clean up.

The Coast Guard, Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator’s Office and ECM Maritime Services have established a unified command to respond to the spill.

The Coast Guard said on Tuesday that 74 personnel, 21 boats, eight skimmers, and about 10,000 feet of hard-boom have been deployed to contain and recover the spilled oil.

Crews had recovered 560 gallons of oily-water mixture as of Tuesday.

The Coast Guard said on Monday that OMI Environmental Solutions and Clean Gulf Association are using sorbent material and skimmers to collect the oil.

Aerial assessments are being conducted of the site and surrounding areas to guide response efforts.

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries reported two oiled birds in the area.

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality is conducting a shoreline impact assessment.


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