Image courtesy of BP/Flickr.

BP has shut down its Clair oil platform in the North Sea after a leak was reported.

According to BBC, BP shutdown its Clair oil platform after a leak released fluid into the water on Sunday morning.

BP confirmed on Monday that the release was stopped within an hour once the issue was detected.

BP told the BBC that the release was caused by a “technical issue” and it is investigating the matter.

BP is still working on determining the size of the spill.

No injuries were reported and all personnel have been accounted for.

The company has informed all relevant agencies about the spill, the BBC said.

BP told Reuters on Monday that it believes the “most appropriate response is to allow the oil to disperse naturally at sea.”

The company said it is also preparing other actions for possible contingencies.

The Clair field is located in the offshore United Kingdom about 46 miles west of the Shetland Islands.


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