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Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin said on Monday that a proclamation inviting Christians to pray for the oil and gas was expanded to include people of all faiths.

According to the Associated Press, Fallin revised the proclamation to make it more inclusive.

Fallin has issued similar proclamations during her five-year tenure as governor.

However, the language in the proclamations was changed last year to focus on Christianity following a request from Oilfield Christian Fellowship, the AP said.

The newly revised proclamation reads, in part, that “people of all faiths are invited to thank God for the blessings created by the oil and gas industry.”

“There was some question about whether it was one particular faith or another, so we just amended it to say all faiths….there are a lot of families who have been hurt, and I think prayer is always a good thing, for anyone,” Fallin told the AP.

A report issued by the State Chamber of Oklahoma last month found that almost 150,000 Oklahomans earned a combined $15.6 billion in wages or self-employment income from oil and natural gas activity in 2015.

Public education in the state received $331 million in oil and gas severance tax revenue while oil and gas activity supported an estimated $28.6 billion in additional spillover output of goods and services in other industries across the state.

The report also found that oil and natural gas income gains have boosted state per capita income to 95 percent of the U.S. average in recent years.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Oklahoma was the nation’s fifth largest crude producer in 2014, excluding federal offshore areas.

Oklahoma is also home to the Cushing crude hub where the West Texas Intermediate   benchmark price is set.

Oklahoma will be observing Oilfield Prayer Day on Thursday, October 13.


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