U.S. drillers had another week of double-digit rig gains after adding 14 rigs last week.

According to Baker Hughes, the number of oil and gas rigs operating in the United States climbed to 553 as of October 21 compared to 787 rigs a year ago.

The oil rig count jumped to 443 rigs after adding 11 rigs but was still down from 594 rigs during the same period last year.

The gas rig count rose to 108 rigs after a three rig gain, down from 193 rigs a year ago.

The directional rig count held steady at 51 rigs compared to 87 rigs a year ago.

The horizontal rig count climbed to 445 rigs after a 14 rig gain but was still down from 591 rigs during the same period last year.

The vertical rig count held steady from last week at 57 rigs compared to 109 rigs a year ago.

Texas booked the largest rig gain out of all the major producing states last week after adding 10 rigs.

Wyoming gained three rigs last week while New Mexico added two rigs last week.

Alaska and Utah each added one rig last week.

Rig counts held steady in Arkansas, California, Kansas, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Colorado loss one rig last week and Louisiana lost two rigs last week.

The Permian Basin, located in Texas, saw its rig count rise to 212 rigs after an 11 rig gain, down slightly from 229 rigs a year ago.

The Eagle Ford Basin, also located in Texas, saw its rig count climb by two rigs to 33 rigs last week compared to 77 rigs a year ago.

The Haynesville and Mississippian basins gained one rig each last week and the DJ-Niobrara Basin lost one rig last week.

The Canadian rig count fell to 143 rigs last week after losing 21 oil rigs and one gas rig, down from 190 rigs a year ago.

The Gulf of Mexico saw its rig count hold steady at 22 rigs last week compared to 34 rigs a year ago.


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