Image courtesy of רנדום/Wikimedia Commons.

Oil and gas workplace injuries declined across the United States in 2015 and were well-below the national average.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that the oil and gas extraction sector had 0.7 recordable cases of non-fatal on the job injuries and illnesses for every 100 full-time workers in 2015.

According to the Denver Post, that number marks the lowest rate of workplace injuries in the oil and gas extraction sector in at least 12 years.

The average across private industry came in at three non-fatal incidences for every 100 workers for the same period.

The natural resources and mining industry, a category that includes oil and gas support activities, booked 3.7 incidences per 100 workers for 2015.

Workers in the drilling sector saw workplace injury rates decline to 1.5 injuries for every 100 workers, down from 2.5 incidences per 100 workers in 2015, the Denver Post said.

The latest census data from the BLS found that the number of workers employed in the natural resources and mining sector fell nearly 9 percent year-over-year to about 1.76 million in March.

According to census data seen by the Denver Post, the number of workers employed in the oil and gas industry fell to 541,000 last year from 621,000 in 2014.


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