Over a dozen people have reportedly died after an oil tanker exploded in southern Pakistan.

According to local media reports seen by Aljazeera, 18 people have died after a dismantled oil tanker caught fire Tuesday morning at the Gadani Ship Breaking Yard in the town of Hub.

Over 50 people were taken to the hospital for burn injuries after several explosions occurred in the tanker while workers were performing gas-welding work.

A local police officer told CNN that more than 200 people were working on the tank when the blasts occurred.

According to the BBC, the fire was sparked after a gas cylinder exploded.

Officials told the BBC that the death tool is expected to rise.

The dismantled oil tanker was stationed in the yard when the accident occurred.

A representative for the National Trade Union Federation of Pakistan told Reuters that the blast sent pieces of metal flying as far as one mile away from the tanker.

Local police chief Jahffar Khan told Aljazeera that the firefighters were still battling the blaze as of Wednesday.

Mansoor told Reuters that firefighters have to wait for the fire to die out on its own because they don’t have “the foam required to douse it.”


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