Image courtesy of Donald J. Trump.

TransCanada said on Wednesday it is looking into a possible revival of its Keystone XL pipeline following president-elect Donald Trump’s victory this week.

Project operator TransCanada told Politico it remains “fully committed” to building the pipeline.

The Calgary-based company added that it is “evaluating ways to convince the new administration on the benefits, the jobs and the tax revenues this project brings to the table.”

President Barack Obama rejected the project last November after the U.S. State Department concluded the line would not “serve the national interest.”

The rejection was handed down just days after legal challenges in Nebraska prompted TransCanada to ask the U.S. State Department to suspend its review of the pipeline.

Trump has pledged to boost job growth during his first 100 hundred days in office by pulling back restrictions on shale, natural gas and clean coal projects.

In a copy of the plan obtained by NPR, Trump said he will “lift the Obama-Clinton roadblocks and allow vital energy infrastructure projects, like the Keystone Pipeline, to move forward.”

Trump said in an energy policy speech given in May that he would ask TransCanada to renew its permit application for Keystone XL pipeline.

He added during the speech that he believes the United States should be compensated for the project.

Trump said during his energy policy speech that seeking to profit from the Keystone XL “makes a lot of sense to me,” according to the Grand Forks Herald.

“Let’s take a piece of the action for you folks, lower your taxes a little bit more. Without us, they can’t move it,” Trump said during the speech.

Trump has not disclosed details about the compensation his administration would seek for the project.


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