Twenty people have now been confirmed dead after an oil tanker exploded at the Gadani Ship Breaking Yard in Pakistan.

According to the Geo News, the death toll tied to the blast rose to 20 on Wednesday as rescue workers continued to recover more victims.

More than 50 other workers were injured after several explosions sparked a blaze in a dismantled oil tanker on Tuesday morning.

According to local media reports seen by Aljazeera, workers were performing gas-welding work when the explosions rocked the tank.

A local police officer told CNN that more than 200 people were working on the tank when the blasts occurred.

The blaze is still burning more than 48 hours after it began as fuel inside the ship continues to feed the fire, Geo News said.

The tanker blaze has destroyed about 70 percent of the related ship, Geo News added.

Police officials told Geo News on Wednesday that four suspects have been named in a case filed on behalf of the government, including the ship’s owner Chaudhry Ghafoor.

According to AFP, police have arrested Ghafoor’s foreman.

A representative for the National Trade Union Federation of Pakistan told Reuters that the blast sent pieces of metal flying as far as one mile away from the tanker.


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