The U.S. rig count posted a double-digit gain last week as drillers continued to add rigs in the Permian Basin.

According to Baker Hughes, the U.S. rig count jumped to 588 as of November 18 after adding 20 rigs.

The oil rig count accounted for the majority of the surge with oil drillers adding 19 rigs last week.

Those additions brought the U.S. oil rig count up to 471 rigs compared to 564 rigs a year ago.

The gas rig count ticked up by one to 116 rigs, down from 193 during the same period last year.

The directional rig count held steady at 52 rigs compared to 69 rigs a year ago.

The horizontal rig count climbed by 13 to 470 rigs, down from 581 rigs during the same period last year.

The vertical rig count rose to 66 rigs last week after a seven rig gain but was still down from 107 rigs a year ago.

Texas saw the biggest rig gain of all the major producing states last week after its rig count rose by eight to 276 rigs compared to 342 rigs a year ago.

Louisiana and Oklahoma each added four rigs last week while drillers in Ohio added three rigs.

Colorado added two rigs last week while Utah gained one rig.

Rig counts in Alaska, Arkansas, California, Kansas, New Mexico and West Virginia held steady from the previous week.

North Dakota, Pennsylvania and Wyoming lost one rig a piece last week.

The Permian Basin in Texas saw its rig count rise by 11 to 229 rigs, up from 225 rigs a year ago.

The Utica Basin added three rigs last week, boosting the area’s rig count up to 19 rigs compared to 20 rigs a year ago.

The Williston Basin, home of the Bakken shale play, saw its rig count fall to 34 rigs after a one rig loss, down from 63 rigs during the same week last year.

The DJ-Niobrara and Haynesville basins added two rigs each last week while the Granite Wash and Mississippian added one rig each.

The Barnett and Marcellus basins lost one rig a piece last week.

Canada’s rig count rose to 184 rigs last week after adding 11 oil rigs and losing three gas rigs, up from 166 rigs during the same period last year.

The Gulf of Mexico recorded a two rig gain that bumped the area’s rig count up to 23 rigs compared to 30 rigs a year ago.


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