Oil production in the Bakken region rose in September, reversing two months of declining production.

According to North Dakota Department of Mineral Resources, daily oil production in the Bakken, Three Forks, Sanish and Bakken/Three Forks pools rose to 991,722 barrels per day in October.

That figure was up from 920,924 bpd in September and marked the first time in two months that the area’s production has climbed.

Total oil production in the Bakken area rose  to 30.74 million bpd compared to 27.62 million bpd in September.

The number of wells producing in the Bakken rose to 10,863 in October, up from 10,809 wells in September and 10,315 wells a year ago.

Oil production per well rose to 2,830 bpd in October from 2,556 bpd in September.

North Dakota’s total monthly oil production climbed to 32,339,403 million bpd in October compared to 29,152,805 million bpd in September.

North Dakota saw daily production rates rise to 1.043 million bpd last in October, up from 971,760 bpd in September.

The number of producing wells hit a record high of 13,148 in October, up from 13,058 wells in September and 12,823 wells a year ago.

Daily production rates per well for the entire state rose to 2,460 barrels per well compared to 2,233 barrels per well in September.

The EIA said this week that shale oil production across the nation’s seven largest basins to grow from 4.54 million barrels per day in December to 4.542 million bpd in January.

The Bakken is expected to see oil production decline from 918,000 bpd in December to 905,000 bpd in January.


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