At least one oil worker was killed and several others went missing on Thursday after an offshore facility accident in Azerbaijan.

A senior oil official told Reuters that the body of one worker has been recovered from the Caspian Sea after strong winds broke off a portion of an offshore oil installation.

Nine other workers are still missing.

Helicopters and ships have been deployed to search for the missing workers.

According a government statement given to the APA, the accident occurred at SOCAR’s No. 3 oil-gathering station.

Azerbaijan’s SOCAR told the AP that a nearly 500 foot long section of walkway and a cabin collapsed into the water after being battered by 90 mph winds.

The company said that five of the missing workers were working on the installation when the accident occurred.

The other five workers were in the cabin when the structure collapsed.

A senior oil official told the AP that the collapsed structure was constructed in 1978 and was last repaired in August.

The accident occurred just about one year after a SOCAR platform in the Caspian Sea caught fire after a severe storm damaged a natural gas pipeline.

A portion of the Guneshli oil field platform collapsed during the blaze, killing at least eight people and leaving dozens of other workers missing.


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