Sunoco Logistics will pay just over $920,000 to settle a 2014 Ohio pipeline release.

According to a signed agreement seen by, Sunoco will pay the Great Parks of Hamilton County $923,000 in damages for a 2014 pipeline release at the Oak Glen Preserve.

As part of the agreement, Sunoco said that it, along with pipeline operator Mid-Valley and any other affiliates, continue to “dispute” that they caused the impacts.

The agreement covers the removal of invasive plants that appeared during restoration work as well as future work if a current restoration plan fails, said.

According to WLWT, Sunoco has already paid Great Parks $213,000 to reimburse funds spent on restoring Oak Glen.

Sunoco will also pay $650,000 for cleanup costs under the deal as well as $60,000 future costs.

The agreement also commits Sunoco to conducting a multi-phase restoration of the area that was started in August 2016, WLWT added.

According to WVXU, the restoration work is expected to be complete in 2017.

Sunoco estimates that a pipeline released nearly 20,000 gallons of oil at Glen Oak.

The company told WVXU that about 19,000 gallons have been recovered.

“We have made great progress and look forward to completing the restoration of Oak Glen to the satisfaction of all parties,” Sunoco communications manager Jeff Shields told


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