An Anadarko Petroleum well in Colorado may have released over 20,000 gallons of fluid earlier this week after a well-control incident.

A spokesperson with Colorado’s Department of Natural Resource told the Denver Post on Wednesday that an Anadarko well in Weld County suffered a well-control incident Friday afternoon.

The CNR spokesperson placed the release size at an estimated 28,000 gallons of oil, gas and drilling waste.

According to a report seen by the Denver Post earlier this week, the incident occurred at the Adamson 35C-28HZ well and caused a mixture of gas, oil and water to mist onto ground surface at the site as well as a nearby road.

The CNR spokesperson said the blowout occurred while a crew was completing work to bring the well to production.

The release lasted a little over a day as crews worked to direct the flow into temporary tanks, the Denver Post said.

A spokesperson with Texas-based Anadarko told the paper that the well is under control and the flows have were restored to a production tank as of Sunday.

Assessment and clean-up activities at the site were ongoing as of Wednesday.


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