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A pipeline spill in western Canada earlier this week released over 50,000 gallons of crude onto First Nation’s land.

According to Reuters, a pipeline in Saskatchewan leaked just over 52,800 gallons of oil in the Ocean Man First Nation, located about 90 miles southeast of Regina.

An official with the Ministry of Economy told Reuters that the province’s government was notified of the incident late Friday.

Excavation work to determine the source of the spill is expected to start on Wednesday, Reuters Media said.

Tundra Energy Marketing Limited (TEML), the operator of a pipeline adjacent to the spill site, said that the leak was discovered on Friday about 6.2 miles north of Stoughton, Saskatchewan.

TEML said the source of the spill has not been determined yet but, because it owns a pipeline adjacent to the release, the company has “taken the lead in cleaning up the released oil.”

The operator of the impacted lined has not been identified yet.

The company said that clean-up work at the site commenced immediately and included the removal of surface oil with vacuum trucks.

“Additional clean-up work and remediation will be conducted to ensure that the affected land is restored appropriately,” TEML said.

During clean-up work over the weekend, TEML said the release size was estimated at 200 cubic meters.

The source and cause of the release have not been determined yet.

TEML said it will work with the with the Petroleum and Natural Gas Division of the Saskatchewan Ministry of Economy to determine the source and cause of the spill.

TEML added that it is fully co-operating with “those interested parties to ensure that their concerns are addressed appropriately.”


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