The U.S. rig count continued to climb last week but was still under the year-ago level.

According to Baker Hughes, the number of oil and gas rigs operating in the United States rose by five to 658 rigs as of December 30.

Despite the additions, the total U.S. rig count was still 40 rigs shy of the year-ago level.

The oil rig count ticked up to 525 rigs after a two rig gain compared to 536 rigs a year ago.

The gas rig count rose by three rigs to 132 rigs, down from 162 rigs during the same period last year.

The directional rig count declined to 56 rigs after a two rig loss compared to 60 rigs in the year ago period.

A six rig gain pushed the horizontal rig count up to 532 rigs compared to 549 rigs during the same period last year.

The vertical rig count ticked up by one rig to 70 but was still down from 89 rigs a year ago.

Texas saw the largest rig gain last week after a three rig gain pushed the state’s count up to 324 compared to 321 rigs a year ago.

Oklahoma’s rig count rose by two rigs to 86 rigs, just one rig shy of the state’s year ago level.

Rig counts in Arkansas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah and Wyoming were unchanged last week but held above year-ago levels.

Rig counts in Alaska, California and New Mexico also held steady but still held below the levels seen during the same period last year.

Despite a one rig gain, North Dakota’s rig count stood at 33 rigs last week compared to  53 rigs during the same week last year.

Rig counts in the Ardmore Woodford, Arkoma Woodford, Barnett and Marcellus basins held steady from the previous week but were just shy of year ago levels.

A one rig gain in the Cana Woodford Basin pushed the area’s rig count up to 37 rigs compared to 38 rigs a year ago.

The Granite Wash Basin saw its rig count rise to the year-ago level after a one rig gain boosted the area’s count up to 15.

Rig counts in the DJ-Niobrara, Haynesville and Utica basins were unchanged from last week but held above year ago levels.

A one rig gain in the Williston Basin boosted the area’s rig count up to 33 rigs, down 53 rigs a year ago.

Canada saw its rig count plummet by 67 rigs to 157 rigs last week but the country’s rig count was still well above the 83 rigs operating during the same period last year.

A two rig loss in the Gulf of Mexico dragged the area’s rig count down to 22 rigs last week compared to 25 rigs a year ago.


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