Several Enbridge pipelines were temporarily shut on Friday following a pipeline release in Alberta.

Enbridge confirmed that it responded to a third-party strike on Friday at Line 2A in Strathcona County, Alberta.

The company placed the initial spill volume estimate at 200 cubic meters.

The company said the line strike occurred during construction activity by a third-party contractor, unrelated to Enbridge but crossing the company’s right of way.

The construction activity was being conducted by TransCanada Pipelines and its contractor, Ledcor.

Enbridge said that no injuries were associated with the incident.

According to CBC News, Enbridge temporarily shut five additional lines near the spill on Saturday.

Enbridge said on Saturday that, with the exception of Line 2A, all lines have resumed safe and normal operations.

Enbridge said on Sunday that Line 2A between Edmonton and Hardisty remained offline.

The company added that it is “working around the clock to actively manage recovery and initiate clean-up.”

Enbridge is using vacuum trucks on site to recover spilled fluid from an excavation pit where the fluid was contained.

The recovered product is being transported to Enbridge’s nearby terminal, where it is being put into operational storage tanks.

Air quality is being monitored and there is no impact to public safety.

“The recovery effort will continue over the coming days followed by repairs to the pipeline; site remediation planning is underway and will be done in compliance with regulatory requirements and company environmental policies and procedures,” Enbridge said.


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