A Richmond city council member has proposed a citywide fracking ban despite a lack of oil or gas development in the area.

According to Richmond Times Dispatch, Richmond Councilman Parker C. Agelasto introduced a bill this week that would ban hydraulic fracturing in the Virginia city.

Agelasto told the Richmond Times Dispatch that, while the city is unlikely to become a hot spot for energy development, fracking is currently permitted and “could occur without the requirement of going before the council or even notifying neighbors.”

Further information about the bill has not been disclosed yet.

The city council’s land-use committee is slated to discuss the measure next week.

According to the Virginia Oil and Gas Association, more than 18,000 jobs are supported by unconventional gas and oil development in Virginia.

Coal accounts for the vast majority of Virginia’s energy production while oil production in the state is nearly non-existent.

According to the U.S. Energy Administration Information, Virginia produced 393.2 trillion Btu in 2014 while nuclear power accounted for 316.1 trillion Btu of estimated production that year.

No oil production was recorded in Virginia by the EIA in 2014.


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